Stretch Ceilings

Stretch Ceiling concept is new in South Africa. PVC membrane Stretch Ceilings are installed by applying convectional heat, evenly and homogenously distributed in between special aluminium extrusions, at almost any given geometric shape and size.  After the removal of the heat source, the product stretches to achieve a perfectly smooth surface.Interior Decoration: Matt, Satin, Glossy, Translucent, Metallic finishes create an  outstanding appearance.Acoustics: Excellent sound insulation can be achieved.Hygiene: The antiseptic, anti-fungal, non-toxic, anti-static, high resistance against moisture and sea water, combined with the easily cleanable nature of the product are used as an advantage to promote hygienic environments with almost no maintenance.Durability:  The product is strong and durable with a 10 year warranty and have dimensional stability between -15°C and +60°C and is fire retardant with the B (M1) certification.Special effects:  Any logo, photo or graphics can be digitally printed on.  The translucent types permeate 70 – 80% of the light, which can be illuminated either by  LED, Fibre-Optics or Fluorescent light sources. 

Examples of work

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